Our expertise Our expertise

Our expertise

Stratégie marketing Marketing strategy

From preliminary market analysis to operations implementation, we tailor a value-added multichannel mix to each physician segments. Each mix involves both promotional and educational elements. The educational element is centered around patient-centric solutions and personalized services for healthcare professionals.

Market analysis; product positioning; practice assessments; objective definition; common themes and key messages identification; promotion design; operation results monitoring; ROI; recommendations, etc.

Connaissance clients Prescriber knowledge

Our proprietary physician database currently contains 57,000 healthcare professionals contacted via 1,300 operations. We have also developed our own preference scores, which enable us to deliver the services and information that each healthcare professional would value the most to improve his/her daily practice.

Audience targeting; target monitoring; data mining; impact measuring; performance analyses; sales forecasting, etc.

Expertise médicale et règlementaire Medical and regulatory expertise

We guarentee full compliance with all European regulations to promote pharmaceuticals and implement clinical studies. This dual expertise means that we are able to assume legal responsibilities for our communication to the competent authorities.

Medical and products knowledge; physicians’ practice understanding; document design and validation; implementation of observational studies, etc.